Character Creation

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Currently there are six basic pedigrees, or races, of Goblins. Players should choose one that interests them, is to the benefit of the party, or simply roll 1d6 to decide.

Boggart – malevolent domestic Goblin who enjoys tormenting Humans by causing things to disappear, milk to sour, and dogs to go lame; stands about 6 to 10 apples tall with short arms and legs, a bot belly, and a large head with a long, round nose and long pointed ears.

Bogey – malevolent domestic Goblin who enjoys tormenting Humans by causing nightmares, scratching at windows, and sometimes kidnapping naughty children; stands about 8 to 12 apples tall with a thin build, long arms and legs, frightening head, and a very large mouth filled with sharp teeth.

Brownie – mischievous domestic Hobgoblin who will occasionally help Humans with minor tasks in exchange for gifts; always dress in brown, love hats, males tend to have lots of facial hair, stand about 6 to 10 apples tall with thin, long legs and arms, a pot belly, and a chubby face with a short, round nose and small round or pointed ears.

Ghoul – malevolent forest Goblin that disturbs Human graveyards, savors the taste of Human flesh, and finds delight in the macabre; stands about 6 to 12 apples tall with a very thin, lanky build giving them a corpse-like appearance; faces are very contorted, ugly, with pig-noses and long, slathering prehensile tongues.

Gnome – mischievous subterranean Hobgoblin who is considered an Earth Elemental and has a greedy fascination with jewels and precious ores; will occasionally assist Humans for reward; stands about 2 to 6 apples tall with a plump build, short arms and legs, a pot belly, loves pointed hats, males tend to have large beards, often dresses in bright, mismatched colors, and has round, pleasant faces and features.

Redcap – malevolent forest Goblin that always wears a red cap, iron boots, and often attacks solitary, traveling Humans with its long claws; believe that rubbing fresh Human blood on their caps will grant them special powers; stands about 8 to 10 apples tall with a medium build but very long arms, large eyes, and pointed nose.


Players must assign each of the six dice to the following attributes. Dice with fewer sides representing less aptitude and dice with more sides representing greater aptitude.

Beef – physical power and energy; i.e. strength.

Grit – fortitude to endure unpleasant and difficult situations; i.e. endurance and willpower.

Hoodoo – finesse at controlling mystical forces; i.e. magic.

Lot – uncontrollable mystical forces that cause good or bad things to happen; i.e. karma or luck.

Smarts – ability to apply experience, knowledge, and judgment; i.e. intelligence and wisdom.

Zip – rapidity, coordination, and ease of movement; i.e. agility and speed.

Common Traits:

All Goblins have the following traits except where noted.

Affinity for Youth – natural attraction towards children, particularly Human children, often resulting in kidnapping; Sprites may never intentionally harm a child.

Horseshoe Aversion – may not touch, approach, or walk under a solitary horseshoe; more than one horseshoe nullifies this as Goblins love to steal Human horses, ride them all night, and return them the next morning so the horse is too tired to work.

Knock – rapping knuckles loudly on surfaces can often affect the Lot of surrounding creatures; the results are almost always haphazard.

Night Vision – can see very well in the dark, however, cannot see when there is a complete absence of light.

Sweet-Tooth – many Goblins (Ghouls and Redcaps excluded) have a voracious appetite for sugary pastries and cakes.

Verse – all Goblins are infatuated, confused, and sometimes even frightened by poems, rhymes, songs, limericks, etc.

MainGlossaryCharacter CreationSkillsHoodooKnickknacksBestiary

Character Creation

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